Debrief, How to Handle All the Stress as a Nurse

Depending on where you work, the nursing career can be one of the most strenuous of all professions.

ER nurses are no exception, in fact, unless the shift is quiet, it's a collision of chaos from start to finish. (And honestly, how often is there a dead shift?)

The life and times of the career ER nurse is generally short. After all, it's much easier to have the predictability or the relative ordered chaos in some of the quieter units.

Nonetheless, ER nurses, and all nurses in general, need to have some type of outlet. Let me rephrase that, a healthy type of outlet. Self-medicating problems or stress is a slippery downward spiral. If you're not mindful about the alerts in your body the stress can shut you down.

And to get it out in the opening, regular (or heck just any) therapy qualified registered psychologist can do wonders to keep you sane and healthy mentally. Physical health is another key to ensure longevity and to extend, literally, the years on your life.

What are some testing tricks that you can share with others on how to deal with the ongoing stress, the incredible stories, and the incredible trauma you face in a normal work week?

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  1. Happy ER Nurses week to all of the amazing, talented, selfless, and caring ER nurses out there that are in the trenches saving lives every day.