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Scarcity in the ER?

Let's take a quick survey of your hospital: is there a shortage of ER nurses? There's a different between a shortage and the desire to hire cheaper nurses. What state are you in and are you hiring ER nurses? Are you always hiring? Is it because of quick turnover of nurses? Do you find that the upcoming demographic change (more aging nurses set to retire) is starting to open up more positions? Or is it hard to find a job in the ER these days?

ER Nurses Salary

Although this is an unofficial survey designed to give prospective ER nurses a heads up of what to expect, but what is your salary as an ER nurse? Past or present, please include a range of your salary and your state. No need to post your personal details :P Here is a 'current' estimate of nursing salaries for those with a BSC (seems a bit high?)

Tips for Becoming an ER Nurse

We had a post on brand new nurses looking to jump inton the ER, but what about those who wish to transfer? The ER, that's your dream cause you're a glutton for punishment, (what can you say?) What can you do to transfer, improve your chances of making a transition, and succeeding in the ER? Get some courage and talk to your supervisor? Apply discreetly? Maybe you want to be a tech in ER first? What does the community think? Any current/past ER nurses with experience from their transition?