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Reader's Digest Ten Things You Didn't know about nurses.

A Reader's Digest article was posted and has an interesting list of 10 things you didn't know about nurses. What would you add? Do you think it's accurate? The list includes  Nurses are expected to know everything   You don’t always know where you stand with patients   Sometimes nurses have to disobey orders   Nurses are taught that patients are their primary focus.  Nurses handle an abundance of bodily fluids (Duh) Families are demanding Nurses do a lot of heavy lifting profession  Nursing school doesn’t prepare you for everything   Nurses often work beyond their scheduled time   Nurses may be responsible for a lot more than patients Although not specific to the ER, these are generalizations that include ER nurses. Here's the link for more.

What do you make?

Emergency room nurses earn a median salary of $63,443 per year in the U.S., according to Payscale data. (These numbers are likely higher in a union setting.) Here are eight notes on annual ER nurse compensation: 1. ER nurse salary ranges from $41,688 to $92,098. The wide range varies based on experience, location, union, and public vs private setting. 2. They can earn up to $7,851 and $12,480 in commission. 3. Profit sharing for ER nurses ranges from $102 to $9,787. 4. ER nurses can earn anywhere from $47,825 to $94,818 in annual income before overtime (if you're eligible for such compensation). 5. ER nurses with less than five years of experience receive around $57,000 in annual salary. 6. Nurses with five to ten years of experience, earn on average $64,000. 7. Average salary for ER nurses with 10 to 20 years of experience is $73,000. 8. Late-career ER nurses, with 20-plus years of experience, receive on average $77,000 in pay per year. These are all in USD. How do you