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What is the Most Pretentious Unit?

Be honest. Are ER Nurses the biggest drama queens in the hospital? Yes, ER nurses are front line staff and see all the cool stuff like stab wounds and gunshot holes. But, is there a level of arrogance at the frontline? Anybody encounter ER nurses snubbing other units in a kind of smug "I do more than you're lazy a$$" attitude? Or are ER Nurses really that cool :D Perhaps the level of stress encountered in the fast paced life and death environment (I mean come on, think of life as seen through the lens of all those TV shows) warrants a level of hubris? Your thoughts?

Advice to Nurses Entering ER for the First Time?

We'd like to poll the community with a question that has come through the email a few times. For those nurses who have worked or are currently working in the ER, what kind of advice and expectations can you give to new nurses in the unit? Please offer some helpful advice in the comment section below.