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Schedule Your Next ER Appointment!

What do you think about systems that permit patients to schedule an ER appointment? Some hospitals are trying out the online scheduling system. Have you experience anything like it before in your career? Let's not pretend that all nurses are experts in organizational development and management, but what are your ideas to improve efficiency and decrease wait time in the ER? Sometimes the bright spots (What's working) need to be highlighted. Other times the whole system needs and overhaul. Usually the answer is 'more _________' but more __________ rarely comes when asked so what are the highly effective yet simple things you've seen work at improving the ER?

How's Vacation and Down Time?

Taking allotted breaks is important, but frankly let's face it, there are times when a break is rare. But downtime is necessary to retain sanity, and frankly, your health. What types of strategies do you use on the job to ensure you get enough rest to offer the best care you can? Does your job have a maximum amount of hours and shifts you can work consecutively? What is your vacation time and do you take it? I know most of the nurses I know can't wait to take their holidays, so that doesn't seem to be a problem :P

Pay Scale the Same for Nurses?

Any anecdotal evidence that there's pay discrepancies in your hospital/clinic. Generally nurses are paid based on experience. Many are unionized but many are not. However, there are also reports that there's pay discrepancies based on other aspects such as gender (male v female nurse), schooling (where and how many years), and dare we say--race. Any thoughts and observations? Or is the system pretty equitable?