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Obama is Yo Momma

Earlier it didn't look great, but then we knew the big college votes were yet to come. Then it looked better, then it was a nail bitter till the end with a slight marginal victory. The days after it was apparent the race wasn't as close as some may have thought. Obama takes popular vote (although we still remain a fragmented USA), takes presidency, and essentially propels the Republicans back to the drawing board since their 'data' pitted them in contention (there's work to be done.) So what does it mean for nurses? Obama Care is a sure thing now and that has its pros and cons. More nurses will be hired in all sorts of different areas. ERs will start to fill up too as more people look for care, and hospitals will take the brunt of that increase since they have the greater margins and can turn a profit vs. smaller health care outlets that would have to go around cherry picking patients. More nurses but not necessarily better healthcare, however, more accessible h