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The Silver Lining of Moral Distress: An Opportunity For Progress in Patient Care

Every day nurses make decisions regarding patient care. Nurses want to relieve patient suffering, provide useful care, and be an advocate for their patients. They want to do these to the best of their ability, knowledge and caring. Yet often nurses are prevented from reaching their ideal level of care by circumstances not of their own making. Some researchers have suggested that one component of moral challenges is conflict, whether that conflict is internal or between two or more parties. Conflict is such an important factor in health care that the Joint Commission has made conflict resolution a priority in improving the quality of patient care. For example, a nurse must discontinue care because of hospital policy when the patient cannot pay. What about nurses who assist a doctor in medical procedures when the doctor has not obtained informed consent? There have also been cases where a nurse’s clinical judgment has not been taken into account when the patient’s

Which Nurse Would You Choose To Care For Your Loved One?

Here's a post for those non-nurses that frequent our blog. One factor that distinguishes a profession from other careers is by its goal to advance society though making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. In nursing this is reflected in healing, caring, and encouragement of a lifestyle that enable well being, among other actions. What are the specific characteristics of excellence in nursing that can be articulated? The National League for Nursing states that excellence is a core value:” It is a commitment to continuous growth, improvement and understanding. It is transformation, moving beyond the status quo and mediocrity.”(1) Caring, knowledge, and skill are the foundation of excellence in the nursing profession.  Nurses demonstrate excellence by preventing suffering and complications, they promote health and well being, they save lives and money, they are innovators and leaders. These are accomplished through such skills as patient centered care, evidenced based

Vent your day away - it's therapy

If you have a story about your day in the ER and need to get it off your chest then send us an email and we'll post it! We'll post it anonymously, be sure to change up some pertinent details ;). You may even get some valuable feedback!