Burnout - From the ER and Beyond, Healthcare Workers at Risk

With a rising awareness real mental health, one of its aspects seems to lack practical application in the workplace. Nursing, and healthcare professionals, know that their job is fast-paced, sometimes at break neck speed, role that demands significant focus and investment in all ways. That includes mental and physical weight that can have adverse effects if nothing seriously. We have seen many healthcare professionals, not the least of which are nurses, have to take long extended leave, or worst, leaving the profession entirely because of burnout. The question for discussion is this: How does your workplace treat burnout? The startling reality is that burnout happens, and you need to take care of yourself. However, workplaces seem to ignore this reality and do not have adequate mechanisms in place to help their employees. The culture of overworking is one that's leaving unhealthy nurses in its wake.

 Are there programs in your workplace that are helping?

What have you seen work?

What do you do for yourself to ensure holistic health?

Here is a recent article and study done on burnout for ER nruses.


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