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Nurses Make Care Happen

As the slow incremental reforms in the American healthcare system amble forward, within the change lies great opportunity. In seeking to avert the collision course of an aging chronically ill population with a financial burden to maintain the current system, policy makers have had to reflect and discover a hitherto unrealized fact: nurses are the backbone of the health care system. This is both by virtue of their numbers and diversified involvement in caring for patients. With informatics being mandated into the health care system the nursing profession is in an ideal position to create a synergy between their work and technology. The Alliance for Nursing Informatics(ANI) is a collaboration of many nursing informatics groups whose goal is to represent with one voice nurse informaticists nationwide. ANI has stated that if health information technology is used in a ‘meaningful way’ along with best practice and evidence based care that health care will improve throughout the nation. In t