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Feel like you sometimes?

DONUTS FOR BREAKFAST?! I work nights in an emergency department. Some nights people are sick and sometimes people are not. Last night everyone was sick as s***! I've saved the crap out of everyone last night. This picture is of the IV pumps it took to keep 1 lady's heart beating long enough to figure out what the hell was wrong with her and to get her up to the ICU.I floated a pacemaker into someone's heart through their internal jugular vein.I put a chest tube in someone who had a lung that was leaking air from fractured ribs.I stabilized a 40 year old guy who had a severe stroke long enough so that he could go to neurosurgery and have the clot pulled from his brain.I sent someone having a heart attack to the cath lab flawlessly.I put a breathing tube into an asthmatic that just couldn't keep up anymore.Using medicine I converted a lady out of an irregular heart rhythm which she could not have sustained very long ad saved her from having to be