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Healthcare per capita

Is it true that America spend more per capita on health care compared to other developed nations. For for a second that we're going to pay through the nose when the baby boomers arrive (they already have), but what about the actual cost of healthcare? I've read reports that suggests America's per capita healthcare spending is HUGE. Oh wait, I forgot to add something, we spend MORE for less healthcare. Countries with universal healthcare spend LESS. Too many fingers in the pie when it comes to healthcare costs. Which means that universal healthcare, if possible, could be possible at even LESS the money we spend now. Think about it, anybody given the choice between no healthcare or free healthcare will chose the latter. If you're sick and you run out of money, healthcare isn't a stupid political discussion, but it's a matter of life or daeth. Plus, we can do it for less money. Let's assume for a second we can't. We can't do universal hea