Have you ever, or how many times, thought about quitting nursing?

Let's be frank, you've seen a lot of $hit. And there are days when you just want to throw in the towel. High stress jobs that require a high level of competency routinely put people over the edge. In a case of nursing there aren't very many professions where wonky hours, high trauma, sometimes questionable pay, unruly patients, unruly coworkers, etc., all collide to make for a challenging career.

It may be not be therapy, but what are some stories or scenarios that nearly made you end your career as a nurse?


  1. Good Lord, like daily. I've been an RN for 14 years, in the ED for the last 9.5 yrs. The main aspect that has changed that has made me want to get the f*ck out is the lack of respect the ED nurses have been experiencing at my facility lately. A general nurse consensus has been reached that we are not valued an iota, as evidenced by the fact that when multiple seasoned RNs have decided to leave, there was absolutely NO effort for retention. Instead, a host of new grads are hired. Who the heck is going to show them the ropes? A 2 year RN? I have also noticed that many of the charge nurses being chosen are newer nurses, most under 5 years experience. I fear for my license on a daily basis because it is so unsafe.

    1. I guess the question is whether workplace environment (a positive one) is the main contributor to contemplating quitting.