Special training for victims of crime

What kind of special training is offered in your workplace to help identify and treat victims of crime. For example, any special training to help individuals who have been victims of a sexual assault? Perhaps victims of human trafficking? Share your opportunities and tips.

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  1. Hi there! I noticed no one has had any input on this subject. I guess it's still an under educated part of our jobs. I am a certified SANE in Oregon and I am married to an LEO (cop). The ER I work for does not do much training other than some computer generic stuff that is very non specific. Obviously, for me this is a hot topic and I go out of my way to educate staff when opportunity arise. There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there. I received my education for sexual assault nurse examiner through the state. I had to beg my employer to pay for part of it. Currently, I work for a nonprofit agency in my county that responds to three different hospitals and the SANE's are working under a "contracted" person instead of for the actual hospital. In Oregon these nonprofits or government associated groups are called SART's and are state mandated. My county is a bit different from the rest of the state though. We, the nurse, do the entire case and ER doctors are not involved normally. My training from the state also included sex trafficking topics because oregon is one of the top sex trafficking states in the country. But other than that, I have never received other ed on this...the local law enforcement typically puts on yearly conferences with related subjects too. I would suggest that one google stuff for their specific state as all states different. IAFN (international association of forensic nursing) as a lot on this topic too and yearly conferences and national certs too. You may also want to do a ride-a-long with local law enforcement and get in touch with a local advocacy organization. You can find me at anurseswildflowers.com if you have anymore questions about this.