Debrief or Die...Slowly

How do you debrief from all the crazy stuff you see everyday at work? Do you just keep it bottled up inside? Have you been in the game so long that you've been desensitized?

Do you have a support group? Hang out with other nurses? Head straight to the bar? Chat with a spouse? Or just unload unpredictably to someone you love?

Finding ways to deal with the things that are seen in the ER, and anywhere in healthcare, is important to simply remain sane. It also helps maintain a less stressful job.

What are some of your tactics? Does your workplace offer any solutions?


  1. i come home, everyone is sleeping, i jump online and google for another job. i love the job, but i hate it....but what can we do that is fun and makes as much money for 3 days a week?? not much i take it

  2. Hi! I think it's just the same here in Portugal, you can go on to a bar, talk to a friend over and over again, or simply just enjoy live and do crazy stuff cause you don't know when something could happen to you.
    Sometimes i think nurses do their work in automatic mode just to don't let the pain in. But you just have to balance all, or you will turn crazy and distant and make other collegs think that you just don't care anymore. It's a hard beeing a nurse.