How Are Volunteers Treated in the ER

There aren't many of them, but if any lowly volunteer meanders through the ER, or happens to play a small role in its function, how are they treated?

ALthough this is a blog for ER nurses themselves, sometimes it's worth pursuing questions about our own attitudes and treatment of other workers in the unit. After all, we're supposed to be in pursuit of offering emergency healthcare, and anyone who contributes to that process is on the same team.

Any experiences or things you've seen in the workplace? Suggestions or comments on the use of volunteers in the ER?


  1. I was a volunteer in an ER for about a year, it was generally a good experience. I was really just there to keep track of the order people entered, and to direct them when it was their turn for triage or registration. A majority of the workers there were nice to me, there were a couple that treated me as if I were stupid. And wanted me to do patient transfers and move the huge beds by myself.

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  3. The ER is a stressful place to be. Even patients struggle with incontinence and other issues and they want nurses to respond to them immediately.