The Most Disgusting Thing in the ER

Resurrecting one of our popular posts (and most disgusting/gross) from the archives. Nothing's changed, nurses face some of the grosses, weirdest, and seemingly normal functions of humanity.

What's the most disgusting thing you've had to do / seen in your travels as a nurse?

Some interesting and disgusting submissions, thanks....I think. A recent submission from a nurse working ICU. --- We had a patient who had an undiagnosed mental illness on top of the reason why he was admitted to ICU. We were doing routine visits to his room when we noticed the patient was coughing due to obstruction(s). As he was hacking up out comes numerous scabs from the sores on this body. Well if that wasn't enough, he sat in the bed as he, and we, looked at his discharge in his hand, and instead of inquiring where he could dispose of his....sores....he promptly slurped them back into his mouth and ate them.... Yes, I've seen many things, but that made us yell out, "come on man!"

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