How do you keep work and life apart?

Anybody take their job home with them? How do you keep the stress and stories, and heck even the patients, out of your mind when you leave?

It's a tough question, and of course you really can't flip a switch and somehow develop short term amnesia.

Any tips to debrief bad days, bad patients, or particularly traumatic days?


  1. I think that Is a really important Part Of life!! proper Work Can Make A Regularity and discipline in your life Also!
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  2. I hope the things I do would help you in releasing the shock you've absorbed on shift.

    1. It's hard but you could try keeping yourself busy at home. Like reading books, surfing, watching movies and most especially sleeping.

    2. Always keep in mind that you have your own issues to think about. What happens to ER should stay there and same at home.

    3. Don't stress out yourself. Separating your personal life and work that is professionalism. And by that means I tell myself "I am professional".

    crazy and weird? well that's how I manage to be younger than my age. haha! :P

  3. Great post Beadie, and good question. I keep work and life apart by giving time to fulfill each priority. Spending time with my family during non working days like going to church, going to mall, eat at the restaurant, watch movie and etc., fulfill my private life with my family. At work, in order to finished task on time that doesn't have to go overtime or even do it at home. I manage time using this tool where I list my entire task at work and set an amount time to do each task that I strictly follow. It is a time management tool that helps me manage time keeps me organize, and focus at work. Another factor that helps me manage my task at work is self discipline. It would be hard for me to manage time without self discipline. Using the right tools and self discipline can help you manage time effectively.

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