A day in the life of an ER nurse part 1

What a day!

Every day in public health nursing is a new day with new challenges, new faces and loads of obstacles! Having come from LTC – it’s a whirlwind to say the least!

After a Holiday and a Monday at that, I begin to wonder if I will ever see the bottom of my paperwork pile… probably not today. The phone rings and another patient need more medication. I place them on hold, just long enough time, that my provider asks me to check the vaccination record. The patient on the phone gives me her number and her pharmacy information – I give her a promise that I will speak with her Doctor and call her back. With that cleared up, I begin to getting the Childs vaccinations, first by checking the child’s name through the state registry. It shows that the child is due for her regular 6 month shots and is due for the flu vaccine as well. I step into the patient’s room and ask the young mother if she would like the flu vaccine. To which I get a puzzled look and an “I don’t know if I should or not”.

Sitting down next to her I begin to carefully explain the pros and cons of flu vaccine. Eventually the patients’ mother agrees to the vaccine. I leave the room to go to the lab to draw up her daughters’ vaccines ready, As I finish preparing the vaccines and having them double checked by another nurse. As I grab Information for the patient’s mother, I hear behind me, “Hey Chrissie… I think I’m going to give willingly!” there sits behind me, a patient in the blood draw area!

WHEW It’s only been an hour… but I love it!!!

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