Schedule Your Next ER Appointment!

What do you think about systems that permit patients to schedule an ER appointment? http://www.ghs.org/inquicker Some hospitals are trying out the online scheduling system. Have you experience anything like it before in your career? Let's not pretend that all nurses are experts in organizational development and management, but what are your ideas to improve efficiency and decrease wait time in the ER? Sometimes the bright spots (What's working) need to be highlighted. Other times the whole system needs and overhaul. Usually the answer is 'more _________' but more __________ rarely comes when asked so what are the highly effective yet simple things you've seen work at improving the ER?


  1. Hi!
    In Spain we don't have a scheduling system in public hospitals.
    Today, with the crisis, people become aware to avoid overburdeninr emergency rooms.
    Maybe our system is a bit archaic but the good thing is that it's free!


  2. For hospitals that have the available funds to do so - I guess it's a great ideal but then again free like F.A.N mentioned is even better. But we are becoming more creative in medicine and tech. so I guess whatever suite the hospital and offices needs - I say go for it. Though alot of people think the old school way is best. Just a matter of opinion yeah!

  3. We have instituted an internal waiting area in our fast-track, where paitients who no longer require an exam room can be held until discharge is appropriate. This helps with wait times for non-urgent patients.

    The InquickER is a good thing in that it allows people who need care, but not emergently, to wait at home instead of in the ER waiting room. It isn't being used a lot at our facility yet, but those who have used it have reacted favorably.