Treating Patients Based on Status

Ok, so the title is probably a bit more negative than I would intend, but here's the question posed through a story.

In the ER you see a number of patients who shouldn't be there. Or the class of patients who should be there but delayed treatment because of cost.

There you are, the nurse in the ER, treating your patient. You think to yourself, "man 1/3 of my pay check is going to fund me right now treating this person." You, of course, don't think 'this person', you think, 'this person using medicaid' or whatever term you use.

Some nurses make a point not to check the insurance status of patients so it doesn't impact their treatment. Others can't help but learn a bit about their ptn.

Do you ever think about the roudabout way you get paid and pay for those you treat?

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  1. Only bothers me when someone tells me "I pay your wages" really really bothers me when the person who says it is 19, unemployed and in receipt of social security. This particular individual when challenged about it then said, "Well my dad pays taxes."

    My usual answer to this is that they aren't paying me enough to put up with this cr*p.