Craziest Things You've Done to Stay Awake on a Night Shift

I'll go first, an anecdote a 'friend' told me, to stay awake on the drive home, roll your window up on your hair so if you doze off mid-drive you get a quick hair pull......YOUR TURN!


  1. After working many long night shifts in the ER I have learned that rolling all the windows down, turning the AC on high and singing at the top of my lungs keeps me awake. No matter the weather....rain, snow, sunshine. And I don't care who sees me!

  2. I turn the music up really loud and slap my leg to the beat of the music

  3. Or just take transit......LOL

  4. Hahaha. For me, the excitement going home keeps me wide awake and wired. I'm like a zombie yawning every 5 mins, but as soon as I clock out, I'm wide awake. Arrrrg!!


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