When you're a nursing student

The first time you have to put your first IV in your first real arm, the first of many experiences, all resonate loudly in our memories. Some are cherished moments, others frightful, but in the end most memorable. Back when you were a nursing student there was a certain level of wide-eyed and bushy-tailed focus. After all, this was your moment to test your skills, to experience first hand how your career and training could help others.

For others who don't want to be treated by nursing students, or heck, even residents, take a minute to be thankful you're being helped by someone who is more interested in the job they have to do rather than the responsibilities behind them, the full waiting room they need to attend to, someone devoid of the cynicism that so often renders moments of cloudy service.


  1. I am a LPN working to get my RN. I have never put an IV in but one day I hope to begin start practicing. I remember during one of the clinical rotations and I was in the surgical suite it was go and bad because the IV insertion time was tricky for all of the nurses. The nurse I was first with scared me when she approached me and said put the IV in and I had this shocked look on my face. She laughed and said calm down I am kidding and she attempted to show and explain how to put the IV in to the arm.

  2. There are many things which you will learn in your nursing student life and too many things in your professional life. So just keep working hard if you want to achieve your aim.
    Life Of A Registered Nurse

  3. I think it will take some time to get success in putting IV. I have started offering IV after i got enough experience.

  4. When I was in nursing school we actually practiced on each other. So our firsts actually occurred in the security of the classroom.
    One good thing about IV insertions is that technology is starting to become more available to make this task a little less daunting. Have you see the glasses that let you see patient's veins under their skin?
    Something like this would help me have confidence in some of those tougher sticks. What do you think?