Just In: ER Nurses Aren't Robots

It would appear that although ER nurses perform their duties seamlessly despite dealing with critical injuries in patients, this type of high level stress has impacts beyond the ER.

A Master of Nursing student from the University of Calgary suggests that the work environment is not only stressful, but could have devastating consequences. More here.

Your thoughts on the short and long term damage on nurses in the ER?


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  3. Nurses are amazing people!


  4. I think that nurses and doctors both needs to have time to relax. Stress and fatigue can lead to mistakes being made when they can least afford to make them. Wearing scrubs doesn't make you a super hero.

  5. As a nurse, we should look for ways on dealing stress and different working time and policies in the fields. It's very essential in a nursing job not to be burn-out so you could do your job accordingly and not hurting your patient.

  6. Time out is much required before a huge mistake is make which could cause grieve result in patient. This should have been learned from any nursing training enrollee undertake.

  7. This is a very tough profession and they should be allotted special time to unwind. I thank all of our nurses and Medical professionals.
    Great Blog


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