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How's Your Nursing BS Meter?

One of the gifts of the nurse is an exceptional BS meter. Now, this skill must be honed, and some have a natural disposition to sniff out BS, but as a nurse it's an important tool when it comes to diagnosis. What tips do you have to sniff out BS? How do you tell if patients aren't telling the truth about their ailments or pains? What tactics do you use to get most of the 'real' story? Does anybody have a cool story about how your BS meter went through the roof and you ended up saving everyone time, money, and perhaps lives? Better yet, any times when you called BS but were wrong?! Don't suspect many will want to admit to this one. Have you say, just please, no BS :P.

Curious Case of Anna Brown

Curious for bloggers, really sad for Anna Brown. In case you're need context here is the report of the patient who came to a hospital, was discharged, x3, arrested, and found dead on the floor of a jail cell. Report. And some reaction thru the blogosphere: Sad outcome, proper treatment. Limited press for sad case.Labelling patients. Your thoughts? Could the doctors have done something different?