Nurse Pragmatics: Stethoscope

Now that you have your Christmas monies are you going to upgrade on some of your tools? Some of us are lucky enough we can purchase/replace accessories and tools (stethoscopes) on the dime of the employer. But many of us either have specific preferences, or we don't have the luxury of a benevolent employer--we have to buy some additional stuff ourselves. What are your recommendations for stethoscopes? Why? Background noise reduction? Ones that don't feel as if they're squeezing your brains out? Share your thoughts with the community.


  1. Littman Cardiology S.T.C is a wonderful stethoscope, came recommended by a colleague in EMS field work.


  2. It makes perfect sense to use medical equipment that fits one's needs. Obviously wearing comfortable stethoscopes is key as utilizing one that is too tight can lead to head ache and fatigue early in a healthcare practitioners shift. Wearing appropriate attire and wearing correct size medical supplies fall is line with the principles behind Six Sigma in Healthcare. Thank you for the great information you have posted on your site. I plan on checking in again soon.

  3. Hello there from across the big pond.

    I have always been a loyal Littmann convert as I use the 3200 series when teaching [you can get a clever App and everything !!] The electronic Littmann scopes are great for students/staff who are hearing impaired and struggle a bit. Shamefully I have been converted to the Ultrascope models as children find them funky and cool. Start "people watching" for users who have the ear pieces pointing the wrong way round - any old scope will work when actually pointing to the ear canal !!

    Has anyone else done the "excuse me" routine and just turned them round for an unsuspecting professional user?

    Great blog, thanks.


  4. Just got a job as a travel nurse and I have a purple stethoscope. I'd admit that I bought it because it wasn't terribly expensive and..purple, but I actually really like it! Works pretty well. Littman :)

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