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Nurse Pragmatics: Stethoscope

Now that you have your Christmas monies are you going to upgrade on some of your tools? Some of us are lucky enough we can purchase/replace accessories and tools (stethoscopes) on the dime of the employer. But many of us either have specific preferences, or we don't have the luxury of a benevolent employer--we have to buy some additional stuff ourselves. What are your recommendations for stethoscopes? Why? Background noise reduction? Ones that don't feel as if they're squeezing your brains out? Share your thoughts with the community.

Nursing Pragmatics: Your Shoes of Preference?

There was a time when nursing shoes were a distinct white flat. Before that, a distinct white mid-low heels. More recently the comfortable but the sometime impractical croc shoe was a favorite. (Who wants an open toe anyways?) What shoe do you use at work? The popular choice is of course the day long sneaker. The choice of footwear is important since you're on your feet all day (plus it saves your back). Choices? Styles? Price points? What's your preference. One thing that's evident, if you can swing it try to get some more info on your feet. Even if it's the Dr. Scholls machine at the supermarket, knowing you have high, mid, or low arches impacts the shoe you purchase.