What is the Most Pretentious Unit?

Be honest. Are ER Nurses the biggest drama queens in the hospital? Yes, ER nurses are front line staff and see all the cool stuff like stab wounds and gunshot holes. But, is there a level of arrogance at the frontline? Anybody encounter ER nurses snubbing other units in a kind of smug "I do more than you're lazy a$$" attitude?

Or are ER Nurses really that cool :D Perhaps the level of stress encountered in the fast paced life and death environment (I mean come on, think of life as seen through the lens of all those TV shows) warrants a level of hubris?

Your thoughts?


  1. Oh, I don't know. I've met some really arrogant (unjustifiably) ICU nurses.

    But of them all, I think no one is quite as bitchy as L&D nurses. I've seen 'em be angels to their patients, but they're rude as hell and condescending to all other providers.

  2. Anybody notice any demographic correlation between bitchyness and age ? :P

  3. LOL! I love this question! I was an E.R. nurse for 5 years and a pacu nurse for 3 years now, (hopefully will be back in the ED very soon!)
    I have to disagree that E.R. nurses are the biggest drama queens in the hospital, in fact I think it's quite the opposite! We tend to be pretty laid back because we are so used to seeing crazy stuff on a daily basis. ICU nurses definitely get the award for most arrogant, and L&D nurses are next in the line, they are the "princess nurses".
    Fact is, I have met arrogant nurses in all departments, people will be people, right?

  4. I think we are ALL arrogant and holier than thou. I am a surgical nurse, and we talk shit on everyone, the ICU nurses (one patient, and you can't take his foley out, way to sit on that patient until end of shift, thanks for the new stage 2 on her ass!), med/surg nurses (that patient was transferred to me with an old IV, no one can find his clothes and um, we sent him to the OR for a chole is not a report), ER nurses (I called for report an hour ago, after getting transferred 7 times, and they STILL haven't called me back) and those damn PACU nurses (really you couldn't find a channel for the PCA)! We all think we are the best and no one else can do it right.

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