Curious Case of Anna Brown

Curious for bloggers, really sad for Anna Brown. In case you're need context here is the report of the patient who came to a hospital, was discharged, x3, arrested, and found dead on the floor of a jail cell. Report. And some reaction thru the blogosphere: Sad outcome, proper treatment. Limited press for sad case. Labelling patients. Your thoughts? Could the doctors have done something different?

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  1. Numerous questions remain. If she received a prescription for narcotic pain relievers, as was reported, why else would she still be hanging around? As Jayar Jackson stated: "They drag her from the wheelchair on the floor of the hospital, drag her from there to the car, drag her from the car to the jail, and drag her to the prison cell, and leave her on the ground groaning. How much more faking can you possibly do?! Damn, these drugs must be really important to her!"

    It's a very serious matter when considering to have someone arrested for trespassing in a hospital waiting area. If that happened to me I'd likely never seek health care again, at least not at that facility. Locking a patient up in jail is an extremely trust-destroying thing to do, and there needs to be much more debate on when that is appropriate. There are numerous resources on "conflict resolution" where you can learn techniques of listening and mutual problem-solving short of invoking the prerogative of absolute power over another adult human being.