Submit Your Story, Win a Gift Card

We want to hear your voice! Rather than just one or two writers typing away about the ups and downs in the ER, or any unit for that matter, we'd love to turn ERNursey into a collection of voices.

We want to hear from you! If you'd be willing to submit at minimum a 300 word anecdote about your day (changing details, names, etc.) then we'd post it up here.

But wait, there's more!

Apart from being one of the top nursing blogs, we want to reward your contribution!

We've struck a deal to giveaway $20 gift cards courtesy of My nursing Uniforms.

All you have to do is submit an email with your contribution to ernurseyblog @ gmail.com. Include the subject 'ER Nursey' and brief note that you're submitting from the blog.

Right now the first 10 submissions will automatically win (we reserve to reject ones that are obviously fabricated.

Apart from that, help us make ERNursey an online resource for nurses and medical professional to vent, learn, muse, cry, and laugh.


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  2. how do we submit our story?

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  4. Hello, I've just published a book titled, "Stories of the Emergency Department". My favorite chapter is on the job of being a Triage Nurse in the Emergency Department, which I consider the hardest job in the hospital. Here is the link, hope you enjoy it!